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Amorim Cork Ventures was featured in the magazine The Next Big Idea


Amorim Cork Ventures' strategy was featured in the magazine The Next Big Idea, which was screened on February 10 and 11 on SIC Notícias and SIC Internacional.

Since the company's inception and until the end of 2017, more than 300 business proposals have been received from 25 countries and, of these, four projects are in the market, supported by Amorim Cork Ventures.

So far, Amorim Cork Ventures supports ASPORTUGUESAS in the footwear business, whose first product was cork and rubber slippers; the SUGO Cork Rugs, the rugs in which innovation is precisely a cork solution combined with other materials such as cotton or wool; Gröwancork, a company that develops insulation solutions for commercial refrigeration, because the traditional refrigeration chambers are coated with polyurethane and, in addition to the environmental impact of this solution, cork is more environmentally friendly and has a longer shelf life; and Yogurtnest, a natural yogurt, a healthier and more natural way of making yogurt that, compared to yogurt electric machine, does not require electricity.

In addition to these four products, Amorim Cork Ventures also invested in a joint-ownership patent. It is a mortar with cork, not cementitious, that has excellent thermal insulation properties for the dwellings.

Looking at the products already developed, the certainty that cork, due to its unique characteristics, works applied in the most diversified projects. Cork is a raw material that is extracted in a unique way, that is, the bark of cork oak that is self-regenerating every nine years. This raw material has unique characteristics: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, lightness, softness to the touch, resilience and hypoallergenic characteristics.

A great idea for the cork sector came with Dom Pérignon, when he saw in cork the material par excellence to seal wine and champagne. Now Amorim Cork Ventures looks for, not a new Dom Pérignon, but something that brings a similar potential for cork and that allows to respond to future challenges.


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