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"My main concern in development of YogurtNest was to design a yogurt maker that would make yoghurt more affordable, which could be used without having a negative impact on the environment, and which would deliver a natural and healthy product”. He adds: "Cork allowed us to meet all these requirements. "

Miguel Leal, creator of YogurtNest.

PrimaLynx - Sustainable Solutions, Lda is the new startup from Corticeira Amorim’s business incubator, ACV, that is launching YogurtNest: an ecological and multifunctional yogurt maker produced in Portugal using sustainable materials, such as cork and cotton. YogurtNest dispenses with the need for thousands of plastic packaging units. Making yogurt – using milk, lactose-free milk or vegetable milks – becomes fast easy, and also offers significant savings compared to conventional yogurts.
This idea was reinforced by Paulo Bessa, Amorim Cork Ventures’ Managing Director: "YogurtNest is a very interesting product. It highlights the innumerable advantages associated with the use of cork, highlighting cork’s contribution to the “low carbon economy” and “circular economy”, while also promoting healthy eating. PrimaLynx is presenting a product that has tremendous added value, which we believe has potential for national and international growth. That’s why we decided to invest in this project."

YogurtNest allows consumers to prepare yogurts in only six hours, with no need for electricity.

In a four-person household, it’s estimated that the product will dispense with the need to produce 2000 packages of 125ml yogurts during one year, with an associated saving of €300. This value is significantly higher for vegetable-based yogurts.

This innovative yoghurt maker is a multifunctional tool. It can also be used as a slow cooker - to cook rice, pasta, soups and stews - and can be used during a picnic or camping trip. In addition to these core functions, with cork as its main raw material, the yogurt maker can also be used as a thermal bag, since cork is a good ally in preserving temperatures.

Ana Jervis, who works with Miguel Leal at PrimaLynx, states: "YogurtNest will revolutionize the way we make and consume yogurt. We can make any kind of yogurt we can imagine, and can use yoghurt instead of other, less healthy foods, in our favourite recipes."

The startup was incorporated in August 2016. Since then, the company’s team has taken part in different events and presented YougurtNest in workshops from the North to South of Portugal, demonstrating its features and versatility. During this period, it was possible to verify the product’s reception in the market, gathering new information and creating new recipes, available on the brand’s website -

YogurtNest is available for purchase on the brand's website and in numerous multi-brand natural products stores across Portugal. The recommended retail price is €35 for the large version and €33.50 for the baby version.

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