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We challenge you to come up with new approaches to Cork

At Amorim Cork Ventures, we believe in the potential of Cork – a raw-material with unmatched intrinsic characteristics – and we value the entrepreneurs and startups looking for new businesses and solutions with cork.

Cork Challenge Barcelona

Ready to innovate the cork industry?

Get in this 2 month acceleration program if you consider yourself to be the most innovative startup around with a cork related idea.

  • Be heard by the right people - Amorim Cork Ventures and Beta-i provide you with an amazing network of potential first clients that are willing to work alongside you and develop your product.
  • Access the latest and best tools - Get practical and master all the best startup tools and methodologies to de-risk your activity and dramatically speed things up.
  • Fast track your go-to-market - Maximize your efforts by connecting directly and taking advantage of Amorim Cork Ventures go-to-market strategy expertise.
  • Co-create and get a chance of being invested - Co-creation is strongly encouraged. Its tools allow new points of view, proven work methodologies, to further develop and have a greater chance of being invested.

Startups - What we are looking for

  • Teams in Prototyping stage (having users and sales is a plus)
  • Startups with the needed know-how to develop the product within the team
  • Teams that dedicate more than 50% of their time to their Startup
  • To enter the program teams must present at mandatory moments
  • Startups need to use some cork component (core or even if not core)

Cork Challenge Barcelona strengthens the partnership between Amorim Cork Ventures, the world's leading cork company, and Beta-i, one the most active startup accelerators in Europe.

Visit Beta-i website  

The Applications process allows us and you to get a better feel of the fit between your startup and the program. We will select up to 14 startups that meet the selection criteria. Apply until 21 September by following the button “Apply now”. On F6S you must fill the provided form.

Selection Process will take place between September 1 and 28 and it includes 3 stages:

  • phase I – Applications review from F6S
  • phase II –  Skype interviews
  • phase III –  Decision

At each phase of the selection process, Amorim Cork Ventures and Beta-i experts will assess the fit between the startups and the program in order to invite those that can clearly benefit the most from collaborating with Amorim Cork Ventures in the Cork sector.

We’ll be looking at how the team works together, how the product delivers value, the business model, traction and how can Amorim Cork Ventures provide value in terms of market reach, client access, tech solutions and it’s vast in-house know-how.

A startup accelerator by Amorim Cork Ventures, supported by Beta-i, that’s the best of both worlds: amazing mentoring & program meets the big-money clients, network and industry knowledge. The startups that are going to be part of the accelerator will enjoy 8 weeks of individual coaching & pitch practice sessions, will have several workshops & mentoring sessions for product-market fit relevant within a week’s specific topic focus. Will also benefit from the Amorim Cork Ventures consultants as key partners and mentors of the program, together with Beta-i’s network. This means network of 200+ mentors & 500+ startups, plus access to top events.

The acceleration is divided in 3 stages, with 2 moments of situation check and interaction with the coaches designated by Beta-i.

The 3 stages demand physical presence of the startup's founders in the workshops.

Alongside this moments the Program Director of CCB will always be available for the teams to find the right mentors and opportunities for startups between each interactions

  • October 24 : Kick-off (morning) & day 1
  • October 25: day 2
  • November 15: day 3
  • November 16: day 4
  • December 12: day 5
  • December 13: day 6
  • December 19: Demo-day

Acceleration offsite moments

  • A coach will be assigned to each startup during the program.
  • There will be two mandatory moments where the coach and the startup will have to meet either through skype or physically.
  • Coaching sessions will take place on:
    Coaching Session I – November 7
    Coaching Session II – November 28

At the end of the program on December 19, there will be a Demo-Day with senior representatives of Amorim group where you can present the solution your startup has been working on during 2 months of acceleration.

Amorim will decide which projects to be invested and/or incubated (to still have a chance to improve their products and business model to be investable). This will be more than an investment opportunity, it will be an opportunity to interact with the local community of entrepreneurs and get to know Amorim, the world's biggest cork company.

Program Structure

A coach from Beta-i will have a call with each startup for at least in the two mandatory coaching sessions to know the progress, the problems the entrepreneurs may have and the plans for the next coming weeks.
Beta-i and Amorim will provide introductions for mentoring sessions with the local partners and experts.

  Program Structure

Still not sure if this is the program for you? Let's talk! Send us an email.

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